On Yoga


Yoga is a different learning process. It’s simple. It’s subtle. It’s beautiful. It doesn’t compartmentalize or maintain arbitrary boundaries between intellectual curiosity, spiritual investigation, and physical exercise. A blinding flash of the obvious? To some, perhaps. But for others, this can be a radical revelation – especially if you've spent time in academic and professional environments where the body and the spirit are often sacrificed for the opportunity to monetize the fruits of the intellect. In its fullest expression, yoga is a raw stimulation of curiosity. A practice that is wildly philosophical and extremely rich in theoretical challenges. But it’s also a discipline that demands praxis. Theory must be put into action and for me, teaching yoga is the arena where the dialectic of growth really heats up.

Influenced largely by my own senseis Tamal Dodge and Mia Togo,  my classes are intended to be physical but thoughtful, challenging yet fun. While I believe the physical practice is the gateway to a more meditative and philosophical experience, when you take my class, don’t expect long diatribes about my views on life. Expect a puddle of sweat on your mat and maybe, every now and then, the reflection in that puddle will give you a little something to think about.

Yoga training:

200 Hour RYT training with Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt, Los Angeles CA. Winter 2015.

100 Hour "Bridge" training with Mia Togo at Yoga Works, Santa Monica CA. Fall 2015.

300 Hour RYT training with Mia Togo at Yoga Works, Santa Monica CA. Summer 2016. 

50 Hour RYT Yin yoga training with David Kim at Yoga Works, Santa Monica / Playa Vista. Fall 2018.

Academic background:

BS Environmental Science
UC Santa Barbara

BA Spanish
UC Santa Barbara

Juris Doctor
USC Gould School of Law

MA Spanish Literature
UC Los Angeles